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Characteristics of sprinkler irrigation technology

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Field Sprinkler irrigation technology is a more advanced water-saving irrigation method, in the agricultural more developed countries, the use of the most is this method, such as the United States agricultural irrigation area of 50% of the use of sprinkler irrigation methods. This is because the sprinkler irrigation technology has some other characteristics than other water-saving irrigation methods:

1. Water saving. Canal poured mu average water 100 cubic meters or so, mountain area up to 150 cubic meters, and sprinkler irrigation land water 25 cubic meters, water-saving rate as high as 75%, in the mountainous areas of poor water saving effect more obvious.

2. Increase production in the province. Canal 1.5 m small furrow land rate less than 60%, spray irrigation ping ditch to the ridge, land multiple rate of more than 90%;

3. The scope of adaptation is wide. The land formation requirements are not high, the terrain complex hill slopes can also be sprayed irrigation, not only can be used for irrigation crops, but also for irrigation garden grass, flowers, but also for spraying fertilizers, pesticides and so on.

4. Save time. It takes about 15 days for the wheel to be poured, and the irrigation field is only used 4 days, and the time is 2/3.

5. Save money and labor. Sprinkler irrigation Demonstration Village set up $number professional service team, farmers just pay water, do not have to manually poured.

6. Improving soil structure. Canal pouring excessive excess, easy to cause soil compaction, sprinkler irrigation can control moisture, effectively improve soil physical properties, make soil pine, suitable crop seeds to break ground, but also improve the field microclimate, reduce the harm of low humidity, high temperature dry hot air.

7. Facilitate the implementation of mechanized operations. Shortening Sanxia and apart tillage time for wheat and summer maize for sowing time, forming a virtuous cycle of complete maturation of crops; After the irrigation field wheat machine received immediately planting corn, timely appropriate amount of entropy, can be a more than 10-day early emergence.

8. Spraying fertilizer to improve effective utilization. Traditional methods of fertilization, spraying uneven, effective utilization of 30% or so, the use of spray spraying fertilizer evenly, effective utilization can be increased to more than 70%. From the spray irrigation and irrigation comparison of some of the data, you can also see the obvious advantages of spray irrigation: water saving about 50%, increase the arable land 7%~20%, save 50% of the labor. Field crops increase $number, vegetables increase 50%~100%, wheat irrigation quota from 400 cubic meters/mu to 168 cubic meters/mu, increase production of 30%.

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