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Beer tap adapter

SUS304  food grade tap connector 


    • Adaptor to Connect Faucet to Quick Disconnect, Use this keg faucet adapter assembly to make your keg more portable (or just to get away from that picnic tap).
    • This is the faucet adapter by itself. Use this faucet adapter to connect a draft faucet directly to a keg using a flare quick disconnect,Large diameter for ball lock or Small diameter for ball lock.
    • Faucet, knob and quick disconnect are not included.Will not work with our creamer faucets, the vent-matics, flow control Intertap other forward sealing faucets,or flow control Perlick faucets (compatible with standard Intertap/Perlick faucets).
    • Unit does come with faucet collar for mounting adapter to faucet, The faucet adapter is made from stainless steel. The outside collor is chrome plated brass.
    • If you don't already own a faucet wrench, you'll want to add one on as well.

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