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Barb Ball Lock Disconnet with 1/4" or 5/16"barb

The metal  parts  are  SUS304 food  grade.


PERA Ball Lock MFL Gas&Liquid Beer Quick Disconnects

This is a set of Two ball lock disconnects with 1/4" or 5/16" Barb. This set includes both a gas-in and beer-out coupler that works with a ball lock Cornelius pepsi kegs. The barbed connection is ideal for more permanent installation where the disconnect does not need to be removed from the line. The raw materials of this Product are PBT and stainless steel, which are of high quality and safe for food contact.




1.Ball lock disconnects with beer keg

2.Food grade material for the ball lock disconnect;

3.Threaded mall connection allows for easy disassembly of lines for cleaning

4.The black one connects to the Liquid-out post on any ball lock home brew keg; The gray  One connects to the CO2 gas-in post on any ball lock home brew keg

5.PBT body and Stainless steel materials

6.Passed FDA certification


It is used for various Cornelius kegs,pepsi kegs,easy to accemble and very safe for homebrewing and go on picnic.

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