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Plastic tap

Tj051 is a special export food grade brewing spigots, made of PP, black color, generally connected with PVC hose. 

Tj051 is a special export food grade brewing spigots, made of PP, black color, generally connected with PVC hose. The body of the spigots has our unique Pera logo. It can also be made into nonstandard in case of large quantity. There are two styles of straight pipe and barb. At present, barb has two sizes of 1 / 4 "and 1 / 8", and the straight pipe has only 1 / 4 ". Of course, we also support customization. The 1 / 4 "plastic tap is used to connect 3 / 16 (outer diameter: 16mm, wall thickness: 3mm) PVC hose.


length 76.40mm, width 66.22mm, inlet length 14.27mm, outlet outer diameter 11.28mm, outlet inner diameter 9.52mm, barb inlet outer diameter 1/4 "and 1/8", straight pipe inlet outer diameter 1/4 ".


Small And Convenient

The plastic spigots is small in size, smooth in body and light in weight. It only weighs 15g. There is no need to use a clamp to connect the hose, so it will not fall off.

Exquisite Processing

The main body is made of high-quality plastic PP, and there is a stainless steel spring inside. After 30 times of grinding and three times of testing, the pressure resistance is very strong and can withstand the pressure of 2-4kg.

Reliable And Safe

The material of plastic spigots is food grade plastic, which is certified by FDA and does not contain bisphenol A. It is safe, non-toxic, durable and wear-resistant. It can be used for a long time.

Long Term Availability

Factory direct sales plastic spigots, exclusive production, long-term stock, can also be sold with Accessory, manual assembly of PVC hose, convenient and convenient.


Suitable for ball lock disconnect on any mini keg system suit with PVC hose.

Hose with stainless steel dispenser for any beer keg

Accessory Products

PVC hose

PVC hose is a kind of pipe connecting beer equipment, generally 3 / 16 ", used for 1 / 4" spigots and ball lock disconnect  and can also be used for beer coupler.


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